How to ensure a Great Casino Trip


If you're planning on driving or jetting off to a casino any time soon, you'll definitely want to make some preparations first. The more planning you do beforehand, the better chances you have of enjoying yourself on a relaxing gaming trip. Keeping this thought in mind, here are some of the biggest points you need to cover when mapping out your future casino vacations.

Budget and Bankroll

There are a surprisingly large amount of gamblers whose idea of preparation is stuffing two grand in their pocket and heading for the airport. And while this might make for less headaches before hand, it's going to leave you nervous and stressed about money if you go on a downswing.

So the simple solution is to create a budget, both for your trip and gambling expenses. A quick example would be appropriating $700 for a bankroll, $600 for hotel expenses, $350 for food, $250 for entertainment, $250 for transportation/flights and $150 for shopping. Obviously this might change based on your financial situation, interests, and how long the trip will be. But it's just one idea of how you can budget your funds.

Travel Arrangements Ahead of Time

Looking up flight information and booking plane tickets isn't exactly the average person's idea of a good time. But neither is waiting until the last minute and paying double the amount for airfare either.

Airlines offer cheaper rates when you book a flight ahead of time. So if you want to pay less money and avoid a last-minute decision, get your airfare done months in advance. For those who are driving to the destination, make sure you get a rental car if your vehicle isn't good for long trips.

Know the Area


Whether you're visiting Macau or Las Vegas, it's definitely important to know the area/city where you'll be staying. After all, nobody wants to get to a destination, then spend half their trip figuring out where to go.

In order to avoid this unpleasantness, we recommend that you spend at least a few hours learning about available restaurants, attractions and entertainment options. While you're at it, you might even decide what to do on each day.

Learn Some Strategy

Unless you only plan on playing a few blackjack hands, then spending all day in the club, you should definitely learn some strategy. This is specially the case when you're playing games like blackjack, Caribbean Stud, poker and video poker, where skill heavily determines your success.

Now this isn't to say that you need to become a card counter or professional poker player. However, it's nice to know some strategy in order to lower the house edge and raise your chance of making some money.

Have Everything at Home taken care of

This might be an obvious tip, but you'd be amazed at how many people leave unfinished obligations and household chores for when they get home. But a casino trip isn't the place where you want to be working out business deals or fretting about the errands you need to do when arriving home.

Instead, it's supposed to be a nice getaway where you relax and have a great time. So make sure to take tie things up back at home so you don't jump right back into a stressful situation after setting foot in your door.

Above all, remember that 5-10 hours spent planning your casino vacation can ensure the time of your life!

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