The Story behind Ugly Carpet and other Casino Tricks


One of the most peculiar things about casinos is their choice of carpeting. This is especially the case when you visit a lavish casino with ornate columns, freshly felted tables and a luxurious lobby, only to look down and see ugly, zig-zag carpet.

This has caused many people to wonder why casinos would put so much effort into making everything else look nice, only to throw down some cheap tacky carpeting. And the truth is that this is a strategic move by casinos. They want to keep players' eyes up and looking at games, rather than looking at the floor or something else.

Interestingly enough, this is just subtle one trick that casinos use to increase their profits. There are quite a few more, which you can check out below.

Trick #1: No Clocks or Windows

Many gamblers are well aware of the fact that casinos don't have clocks or windows. However, it is worth reiterating this point because it's the most common trick that casinos use today. Without clocks on the walls, players aren't constantly glancing to see how long they've been playing. As for the lack of windows, this keeps people from looking outside and noticing the daylight or anything interesting happening. So in the end, people keep playing the games and casinos continue pocketing money.

Trick #2: Flashing Lights and Exciting Noises


When you walk into a casino, you're immediately going to notice the flashing lights and ringing noises. And this creates the impression that everybody is winning right and left. What's funny is that even when you lose 10 slots spins in a row, your machine will be ringing like you just hit a massive jackpot. Nobody around knows whether you won or not, but the sounds are enough to make them want to play too.

Trick #3: Free Drinks and Comps

The saying that nothing in a casino is free is quite true. Everything from the free drinks to comps are paid for in some manner. A blackjack player who sits at the table for five hours and earns a free meal most likely lost way more cash than the food is worth. Casinos have carefully done the math on how many comps they can give the average player and still turn a profit. So you won't be fooling anybody by milking penny slot machines for hours while expecting a free hotel suite.

Trick #4: Creating Maze-Like Structures


Have you ever experienced some difficultly when trying to find your way around a casino? If so, there's a very good reason for this. Gaming establishments intentionally make their buildings into maze-like structures so that players are left wandering around. And the more you are stuck in the casino, the more cash you're likely to spend. Rather than putting games and tables into neat sections, you're going to see rows of slots and video poker machines strewn throughout the building. This prevents you from using sections to mark where you have and haven't been.

Trick #5: Making Big Winners feel like Royalty

If you win big in a casino, they'll treat you like a king no matter if you're wearing a suit or a stained t-shirt. Gaming venues want to keep their big winners in-house so that they have an opportunity to win the money back. This being said, they offer plenty of free comps like limo service, expensive meals and hotel rooms. And while these items and services cost the casino money, it's worth every penny if you stay, play and lose big.

Recognizing casino tricks is the first step towards keeping your bankroll health and intact. The next step involves remaining disciplined enough to avoid urges while you're playing casino games.

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