Choose Roulette Games Carefully


When it comes to roulette, many beginning players don't put a ton of thought into which games they choose. After all, most people just want to jump onto the wheel and start winning money. However, it's definitely to one's benefit if they carefully choose the roulette games they play before making any bets. This being said, let's discuss what game players should be looking for.

A Difference in House Edge

Quite a few land-based casinos like to offer the American roulette wheel because it gives them a larger edge over players. This wheel features 38 numbers with two of these (0, 00) dedicated specifically to the casino. Because two out of the 38 numbers are casino-friendly, there's a 5.26% house edge present (2/38).

Now contrast this to European roulette where there are 37 numbers, and only a single, house-friendly zero. Due to the fact that there's one less casino number, the house edge is just 2.70% in European roulette.

Enjoy Long-term Benefits

Obviously you have a better opportunity to win with European roulette because of the lower house edge. But this may be lost on some players until they see an example of the long-term benefits.

So let's say that somebody bets $1,000 on both the American and European wheel. With the American wheel, they'd theoretically lose $52.60, while they would only stand to lose $27 with the European game. But hopefully the player would experience some luck and win money instead!

Finding European Roulette

Not everybody lives near a land-based casino in Europe, where you commonly find the more advantageous wheels. However, many online casinos such as Drake Casino offer European roulette. And what's great is that you don't even need to travel anywhere to enjoy Drake's roulette action! You simply need to sign up, make a deposit and you're ready to start playing.